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The sun shines on the earth and minimally invasively warms people's hearts

Updated: Dec 13,2018

On December 7, 2018, the first single-hole laparoscopic surgery in gynecology department of xi 'an fengcheng hospital was successfully completed, which further improved the minimally invasive technology in gynecology department of our hospital and warmed the hearts of young women who love beauty.

On December 6, 2018, a young patient with pale face and weak energy was admitted to the gynecological expert's office, complaining of "63 days of menopause, vaginal bleeding for 1 month and lower abdominal pain for 3 days". After careful investigation by the director xie yongjun, the patient was diagnosed with left tubal pregnancy and right ovarian cyst (diameter: 6cm).Director xie immediately called doctors of the department to discuss the treatment plan. Considering that the patient was young and still had fertility needs, he decided to carry out single-hole laparoscopic surgery. After full and effective communication with the patient, the patient responded positively and requested to adopt this minimally invasive and aesthetic surgical method with no wound on the abdominal wall.Presided over by a director yong-jun xie, attending physician xiao-juan lei the butcher, the doctor rui-hua guo, under the single-arch laparoscopic, completed the pelvic adhesion solution separation, and complete the right ovarian cyst removal and reconstruction of suture, left fallopian tube opening the window take embryo, keep the left fallopian tube, intraoperative do no bleeding, reproductive function in patients with maximum protection, and for the patients with tubal function assessment, bilateral oviduct tubes.Postoperative patients recover well, less pain, for the invisible wound praise not broken, the patient and his family to director xie yongjun led the gynecological team deeply grateful, praise said: "xi 'an fengcheng hospital gynecological minimally invasive surgery first-class, second class hospital charge, third class hospital technology and service level, for phoenix gynecological thumb up!

Single-hole laparoscope is a new type of endoscopic surgery that enters the abdominal cavity along the umbilicus incision for the implementation of the operation. The surgical incision is almost fused with the natural fold of the navel to complete a more minimally invasive surgery for the patients, which is favored by the majority of young women!

The development of single-port laparoscopic surgery is very mature, common gynecological infertility, ectopic pregnancy, fallopian tube disease, ovarian cyst, hysterectomy, etc., can be completed through this "traceless" operation.Studies have shown that compared with traditional laparoscopic surgery, single-port laparoscopic surgery has the same safety and effect, and at the same time can meet the needs of patients with invisible wound and shorten the recovery time of patients.This advanced technology requires higher requirements for doctors' operation technology, which requires skilled endoscopy technology, rich clinical experience and professional cooperation team.

Xi 'an fengcheng hospital gynecology for you to send health and hope!