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Gratifying 2018 yearns for 2019 - radiology 2018 work summary

Updated: Dec 21,2018

On December 20, 2018, the radiology department's annual report kicked off.The medical, technical and nursing groups respectively sent representatives of different echelon teams, who made a profound summary of their work in the past year from different perspectives and specialties with full of passion and enthusiasm.Among them, there is joy of harvest and moving of progress. There is also the sense of belonging brought by the big group of radiology department and the strong basic support of the hospital platform. Of course, there are also some regrets.As the saying goes, there is a summary to improve, there is pressure to have power, there is a direction to have a goal.By summarizing, they clearly mentioned their goals and directions for the coming year.

Then, the head nurse summed up eight encouraging progress points from the aspects of department equipment, staff's active service consciousness, work quality, inspection quantity, business development, multi-disciplinary certificate, echelon construction and team cooperation.At the same time, it also points out the deficiency of personal professional level, future development of department and scientific research works.The development direction of work in 2019 is proposed, and specific requirements for the work in the coming year are put forward.

Finally, director xiang affirmed the work achievements of all of us in the past year, expressed thanks for your hard work, and put forward ardent expectations for your work in the coming year.

The year-end summary and report was concluded with applause. Everyone was in high spirits and full of fighting spirit. Under the leadership of the department director and head nurse, the radiology department will make great strides forward.